Vision Cross Circuit Champion Interview -- Bryant Nguyen

With the recent conclusion of our first-ever Vision Cross Circuit, we took some time to talk to the winner, Bryant Nguyen, to both learn about him and figure out a bit about his deck choice!

Q: How long have you been playing Vanguard? What made you decide to play, and what motivates you to keep playing?

A: I started playing Vanguard since Set 7, “Rampage of Beast Kings” came out. I have a huge fascination for card games. This could range from anything like Vanguard, Pokemon, Buddyfight to Uno, Hearthstone, and Poker. My love for card games made it easy for Vanguard to draw me in, and to give it a try. When I first started playing, I was instantly attracted to the simple mechanics of the game and how each clan had a unique quirk that made it stand out from the rest. My fascination for card games is what drives me to continue playing, but most importantly, it’s the friends and memories you make while playing the game that makes it enjoyable.