Vision Cross Circuit Champion Interview -- Bryant Nguyen

With the recent conclusion of our first-ever Vision Cross Circuit, we took some time to talk to the winner, Bryant Nguyen, to both learn about him and figure out a bit about his deck choice!

Q: How long have you been playing Vanguard? What made you decide to play, and what motivates you to keep playing?

A: I started playing Vanguard since Set 7, “Rampage of Beast Kings” came out. I have a huge fascination for card games. This could range from anything like Vanguard, Pokemon, Buddyfight to Uno, Hearthstone, and Poker. My love for card games made it easy for Vanguard to draw me in, and to give it a try. When I first started playing, I was instantly attracted to the simple mechanics of the game and how each clan had a unique quirk that made it stand out from the rest. My fascination for card games is what drives me to continue playing, but most importantly, it’s the friends and memories you make while playing the game that makes it enjoyable.

Q: Describe yourself as a player. Do you prefer playing competitively or casually?

A: I prefer to play competitively, because I enjoy challenging myself against other strong players, but at the same time I like giving tips and helping other players improve on their gameplay. On a side note though, I really loved casual Vanguard back when they made good RR decks during break ride era.

Q: Describe your local scene and how large is it and how competitive it is. Do you often play on CFA? How do the two communities compare, and do you prefer to play in person or online?

A: For my local scene, I believe the majority of the players are more casual, but there are some that prefer to always be competitive. I don’t really play on CFA, so I can’t really describe the two communities, but I will always prefer to play in person. The best thing about playing a card game is touching the cards.

Q: How often do you attend large competitive tournaments? What was the last large event you went to, and how did you place?

A: I try to attend every big tournament in my area if I free because who doesn’t want a free trip to Japan?! I only attend events in my area because traveling is expensive, if I had the opportunity, I would go to more. My last event was CharaExpo 2018 and I got 9th!

Q: How do you typically prepare for large scale tournaments?

A: The night before a large scale tournament, my friends and I would meet up and just playtest with one another.

Q: Why did you choose Murakumo? Why do you believe it is so strong? And what is your favorite clan to play?

A: I’ll be honest, I just chose what I felt gave me the best chances at winning. Murakumo has no bad matchups aside from Narukami, and without a doubt needs a nerf because it was my first time even using the deck. My favorite clan to play is Shadow Paladin, ever since Raging Form came out, because the whole clan revolves around consistency and deck thinning. Deck thinning is deck winning after all.

Q: How does it feel to be the first ever VCC champion?

A: It was an amazing opportunity to play in the first VCC and I can’t wait to see what else Vision has in store!

Q: How often do you read/watch Vision's content and has it helped you become a better player?

A: I will always be supporting my man, Quinlan, so you best believe I am clicking on all of Vision’s articles! Their articles provide a lot of insight instead of just meaningless deck profiles, so be sure to check out their website for constant updates.

We'll be having more VCC's in the future, so be sure to stay tuned for your chances to win cool prizes and more!

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