Vanguard Zero Granblue Guide!

Hi everyone! Rodney here with a Granblue Deck guide. With the Granblue event starting April 20th and lasting until the 30th, I wanted to create and show everyone what I think is the ideal Granblue deck list for the upcoming format. Granblue is a clan that revolves their strategy around the Drop Zone. This makes it so they can save resources from their hand by utilizing what’s in their Drop Zone to help extend plays or build their board. The deck requires a lot of resource management and is fairly difficult to pilot perfectly. So if you want a challenge, this deck just might be for you!

Here's a list that I've been trying out:

Why play the ride chain?

The ride chain allows you to quickly get to grade 3 before your opponent and amounts to tremendous pressure. The accomplishes three very important things for Granblue:

  1. Spirit Exceed becomes a 11k body

  2. Feeds the soul for Basskirk requirements

  3. Getting to grade 3 faster means more trigger checks; this is important because trigger checks go to the Drop Zone when they are activated

If you can successfully pull off the ride chain, you’re rewarded tremendously for your efforts. Spirit Exceed becomes an 11k body that is often troublesome to manage. Those currently playing know the struggle of going against Asura Kaiser and Dragonic Overlord when their units are unable to hit. During the later stages of the game it also feeds towards Basskirk. Basskirk needs a total of 6 cards in soul for him to use his effect to call a full field. The ride chain helps you get two more cards deeper into the soul.

First Vanguard:

Because we are running the Spirit Exceed ride chain, Knight Spirit has to be your First Vanguard. Even if you miss the ride chain, Knight Spirit’s ability to go to soul helps ensure Exceed Knight can still become a 11k body.

Grade 1s:

Samurai Spirit is part of the ride chain so having 4 copies of him is essential. Keep him in your opening hand or hard mulligan for him. The other card you want to keep and hard mulligan for is Chappie the Ghostie. Chappie is your consistency engine and is a vital part to the deck. He extends plays and sets the deck up like no other card can in your deck. Dumping your ride chain pieces or Captain Nightmist are key plays for the deck.

Grade 2s:

Captain Nightmist and Ruin Shade are the iconic pirate duo. These two are the only RRRs in the set, and for good reason. They facilitate plays and set up your Drop Zone for your future turns. Becoming 11k attackers is super important as well as they can hit current Grade 3s without any boosters. When you start running low on resources and defenses, Captain Nightmist becomes a revivable blocker every turn. Ghost Ship is a beatstick that does not take very much setup to unlock. Being able to hit over a defensive trigger is quite valuable currently. Blue Blood fills out the rest of the Grade 2 lineup as he is able to hit a 10k Vanguard without much setup.

Grade 3s:

Exceed Knight’s 11k body can be quite difficult to get over in the early stages of the game. Use this to wall your opponent and outsource them until it’s time to ride Basskirk. Basskirk should be used as your game ender. In the instances that you miss your ride chain, Exceed Knight is still the ideal first Grade 3 ride as you can use Knight Spirit’s effect to go in soul and have Exceed Knight become a permanent 11k body. Skull Dragon is an important beater as he becomes a 13k rearguard that can revive himself. This helps in the middle to late stages of the game or if you run out of efficient boosters for your Grade 2s to hit. With Romario, Skull Dragon becomes a 21k attacker that can hit over one defensive trigger. Negromal is ran as a 1 of to help revive key pieces such as Romario, Chappie, or any other piece you need to complete your board.

Trigger Setup:

9 critical triggers and 4 heal triggers are how I would set the trigger lineup for this deck. Assign the heals to Skull Dragon and everyone else as critical triggers. Though a case can be made for stand triggers as well, I still give the nod to critical triggers. Because of the smaller deck size, draw triggers are not ideal as you run the risk of decking out. The deck can apply a lot of pressure with its big beatsticks and ability to conserve your hand as you can call rearguards from the Drop Zone. Just make sure to make optimal lines and make correct attacking patterns. As I mentioned before the deck can be quite difficult to pilot but if piloted masterfully, it can be very rewarding.

Granblue is looking to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait for more events in the future! Be on the lookout for more Vanguard Zero content, and if there's anything you'd like to see, let us know!

- Rodney “Based Crit” Chan

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