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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Dragonic Overlord
Overlord getting ready to cook some fish.

EB06 Kagero

Writing and Editing by:

Matt Perez, Chad Leiske and China Ross

It has been seven months since the last support for one of the first Force clans, Kagero. Relegated to the middle of the pack by lackluster support in Psyqualia Strife, Kagero has been a clan that exemplified that Vanguard centric Force clan play style. Often regarded as too dependent on Dragonic Waterfall, Kagero struggled to keep up with decks with new support. With VE-EB-06 Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction comes the second wave of Kagero support. We'll ask ourselves the same question we did with Nova Grapplers: how is the clan shaping up in a meta dominated by Bermuda Triangle?

VE-EB-06 re-introduces a fan favorite, Dragonic Overlord the Great to the clan, and the ability to re-stand not only himself but a Dragonic Neoflame also. With the ability to exert that much pressure, Dragonic Overlord the Great takes Kagero from a middle of the pack deck, all the way up to the top with Bermuda Triangle.

We'll be covering the four new cards that make this possible: Dragonic Overlord the Great, Dragonic Neoflame, Dragon Full-armored Buster, and Sabel Dragonewt. Additionally, we'll touch on a small bit of match up specific information to help against the best deck in the format, Bermuda Triangle.

Dragonic Overlord the Great
The wrath of the perdition emperor can burn all creation to ashes.

The king of Kagero himself, Dragonic Overlord the Great is first on our list. This card is a fantastic upgrade to the current Dragonic Overlord for two reasons: 1. Guaranteed re-stand not dependent on hitting and 2. Superior calling Dragonic Neoflame from the drop zone. His only weakness is that he requires a Grade 3 in soul to be able to re-stand. This means that you'll still need another Grade 3 to pick up the slack first ride. As of right now, that Grade 3 is still the original Dragonic Overlord. The Great has fantastic synergy with the Grade 2 unit released in EB-06 Dragonic Neoflame.

Dragonic Neoflame

The Great draws a lot of power from this Grade 2 unit also introduced in EB-06. Dragonic Neoflame not only has the ability to give your Great a 5,000 power boost, it can also give a critical for counterblast 2. While this may seem expensive, when you're swinging in five time a turn your opponent is going to have to shed guard value rather quickly. Punching in one last time after a re-stand with two critical is incredibly powerful!

This is combined with the ability to be called from the drop zone by riding The Great. This card increases consistency and makes sure you can begin applying maximum pressure as soon as possible!

Dragon Full-armored Buster

Consistency truly is the name of the game with all the EB-06 units Kagero received. With the ability to both retire an opponent's unit and search the top 7 cards of your deck for an Overlord, Dragon Full-armored Buster attempts to guarantee that you have a Grade 3 unit in hand. This unit rewards us for playing four of both Overlords as our primary Grade 3 line up.

The drawback to this card is that it has a very steep cost, additionally since you only play 8 Grade 3 units there is a strong possibility that you may whiff. But at least you retired an opponent's rearguard right?

Sabel Dragonewt

With an effect similar to Aermo's and an on-hit as vanguard draw a card, Sabel Dragonewt allows Kagero to further cycle through their deck in search of their boss unit, Dragonic Overlord the Great.

Forcing your opponent to decide between allowing you to draw a card, or using counterblast abilities (such as Berserk Dragon in the mirror) is strong. The philosophy truly is, the more decisions your opponent has to think about, the more mistakes they can make.

Do not be afraid to retire this unit to dig for a specific card, it's better to have The Great (or maybe a perfect guard against Bermuda Triangle) than to not!

V-PR-009 Follower, Reas and Bermuda Triangle

What does this otherwise unassuming card do for Kagero against Bermuda Triangle? When in the Force mirror, hitting "magic numbers" becomes incredibly important. The ability to take multiple cards out of your opponent's hand off of one swing is paramount in making sure that your Vanguard can hit more often than not.

By giving your Dragonic Neoflame the 3000 power boost on your first Dragonic Overlord the Great Turn, you can have your Neoflame hitting for 23,000 or 33,000 power by itself. This requires more cards on average to guard than Neoflame at his base power boosted by Force markers.

Reas is important because she gives the power until the end of turn, and unlike Flame of Hope, Aermo the power isn't tied into her boosting a unit. This previously mediocre promo card is going to make big waves in a format dominated by Bermuda Triangle!

Conclusion and the Future

Thanks to EB-06, Kagero has been given a set of cards that enables a hyper consistent playstyle that is flexible. Dragonic Overlord the Great replaces Dragonic Waterfall as the kingpin of the deck, opening up more lines of play than before.

However, even with this massive power up Kagero still has a difficult time beating Bermuda Triangle. Keep an eye out as we move closer to EB-07 for another wave of Kagero support, including the long awaited Dragonic Overlord the End who's sure to tip the scales in Kagero's favor. No matter which deck ends up on top of the food chain, Vision will always have the information that you need to compete at the highest level!

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