Grappling with the Beast Deities

EB06 Nova Grapplers

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Arcadia, Chad Leiske, and China Ross

It has been over a year since the last support for the first Accel clan, Nova Grapplers. Never a strong contender due to the lack of card advantage and powerful rear guards, Nova Grapplers have been relegated for the longest time to being the brunt of many a joke. With V-EB06 Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction comes the first wave of Nova Grappler support. How is the clan shaping up in a meta dominated by Bermuda Triangle?

V-EB06 re-introduces the Beast Deity archetype to the clan, and their new mechanic, to perform main phase attacks is unique among in the current standard format. Why are these attacks good? And why choose them to be main phase rather than re-standing during the battle like more traditional Nova Grappler cards?

Attacking in the main phase allows the Nova Grappler player to gauge how hard they should commit to pressuring the opponent during a turn. Accel clans have always struggled with damage trigger stopping their aggression mid-combat. A single damage triggers can easily ruin one of Nova Grapplers stronger turns. With the ability to attack in the main phase now, Nova Grappler players can know what to expect before they dive headfirst into the heat of battle.

Beast Deity, Azure Dragon (VEB-06 Nova Grappler)
Pierce through them consecutively! Go, Sacred Serial Buster!

The Nova Grappler VR, Beast Deity, Azure Dragon exemplifies this conservative main phase combat. For counterblast one, not only does he draw you a card, he grants you an attack as early as the ride phase. This is a strict upgrade to the previous VR Perfect Raizer forgoing the counter-charging for card advantage. Additionally, if you cannot find a copy to reride, his second skill means that the card is still a benefit after the first turn.

Beast Deity, Black Tortoise

Black Tortoise continues the trend of main phase attacks. And while its cost seems hefty, the card has major synergy with both Azure Dragon and more importantly Brutal Jack. Black Tortoises' drawback is that it lacks power, and has to find its home on an Accel circle to be able to hit Grade 3 Vanguards.

The more damage your opponent has, the better this effect gets. The opponent can't obviously let this hit at 5 damage, so it'll restand!

Brutal Jack

Welcome back, Brutal Jack. This card solves the problem of Nova Grappler attacks being weak on non-Accel circles. With a unique drawback to play around, Brutal Jack synergizes very well with Black Tortoise and Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird. On an Accel circle, it hits 29,000 power which is very a potent number against even Accel's traditional weakness, Force clans. Brutal Jack will be one of the center-pieces of your strategy in post EB-06 (and EB-07) Nova Grappler. Later in the article, I'll be discussing some of the combos you can perform with Jack, Black and Scarlet Bird. Nothing feels better than getting off multiple attacks in the main phase and then getting to smash in with this unit.

Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird

One of the stronger enablers in set, for soul blast one you can stand all of your units. Additionally, if you stood two or more units and have the Beast Deity starter in soul you draw a card.

This card is phenomenal, and enables almost every card in the deck. Your opponent let Black Tortoise hit and think they are safe? Jokes on them, you stand him and get to draw a card.

The biggest caution with this card is paying close attention to your soul, because it requires the starter to be in your soul it puts restrictions on soul consumption.

Other Notable Cards

Incise Raizer

In many ways, this card is a better version of Perfect Raizer on 2nd ride or more. For a single counterblast you stand one, or more units on your most powerful circles. He will be a mainstay until EB-07 with the rest of the Nova Grappler support coming in July!

Clay-doll Mechanic

Amongst the first few actually true ways to gain card advantage in the clan. The card is a great recovery tool and can even retire itself to refund to extend future combos.

Jack Black Combo Plays

*Authors Note: Unfortunately the image guides we planned on using ended up being lost in transit. Included is the text based guide, this article will be updated in the future with the found images.

  1. On your first Grade 3 turn, ride Azure Dragon and use his skill to call Brutal Jack to the RG circle. Let's assume our opponent will let Jack hits and remains rested.

  2. Call Black Tortoise to the Accel circle and use its skill to attack the Vanguard, this is another 19,000 attack just like Jack. Since this is the first Grade 3 turn, lets assume our opponent let this hit.

  3. Since both attacks hit, you'll need a third combo piece: Scarlet Bird, which will restand the two now rested attackers and net you a card. Call out the rest of your attackers and get ready for battle phase!

  4. Make sure to attack with Jack first, and get him that sweet restand from Azure Dragon's skill.

Conclusion and the Future

It's official, the Nova Grappler clan is back on the map. Experienced Vanguard players are already taking the deck out to tournaments and doing well with it! Rodney "Based Crit" Chan has an interview with fellow Vision member Ken Cheong where they discuss his build, and strategies after a undefeated run at the PlayLive Nation locals.

Thanks to EB-06, Nova Grappler has cards that now give them a set of consistent tools across a wider number of match ups than before. Azure Dragon is now the boss monster of the deck, eclipsing the poor Perfect Raizer.

All is not perfect though, the deck still suffers from some of its previous faults — that being its heavy counterblast use that is is only mitigated in certain situations via Clay-Doll Mechanic. Keep an eye out moving closer to EB-07 for another wave of Nova Grappler support, including the all powerful Illuminal Dragon! Rest assured, when the set drops Vision will have all the information you'll need to compete at the highest level possible!

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