Fundamentals - Phases of a Turn

Game Flow – What to Know and What to Not Forget

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Art of Fundamentals series! Here, we get to introduce fundamental skills for new players (or for veterans looking for a refresher) in Cardfight!! Vanguard! Today I'll be explaining game flow, which is what happens when a player takes their turn. This aims to explain what a player is or is not allowed to do during their turn, as well as the basic interactions that take place between the player and their cards as well as cards that interact with the opponent’s cards. So, let’s begin!

First, we have the Stand Phase (a/k/a Stand and Draw Phase or “SDP”). Here, this is the second-shortest lasting phase of a turn. You start off by first standing all rested units and drawing one card from the top of the deck and adding it to your hand. Sometimes there are skills that take place during this phase, and keep in mind if they say “At the beginning of your turn…” This means that before you enter the normal SDP, some units’ skills are able to be activated. Sometimes, these skills are mandatory so you must keep timing in mind. Remember: any skill with a cost is not mandatory and if you miss timing, then your opponent will assume you chose to not activate it.