Fundamentals - Defense

Hello and good day everyone, the AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock and Team Vision back at it again with a more simplified breakdown of defending. Instead of focusing on defending on different clans by their gifts, this serves to help break down the basics of defending. I'll be focusing on the shield value of cards as well as defense tips when your opponent starts attacking.

Learning how to defend all starts with your deck building. This will first ask you about your type of playstyle. No matter what strategy you lean towards, defending should always be considered when building your deck. Normally, you would want to build a deck that either compliments your playstyle or enhances your competitive edge. Defending is an all-important tactic that gives you an additional turn to win. As a core starting point, every single card outside of the Grade 3s would have a shield value of at least 5k, located on the left side of the card embraced in black. Grade 0s have a range of 5k to 20k shield (normal draw triggers are 5k, starters and critical/front triggers are 15k, and heal triggers are 20k). Then when you go to the normal units, they range from no shield to 15k shield (those that have no shield have another benefit like a natural critical of 2 instead of 1 while those with 15k shields would have no other skills at all), or a higher base power.

You can alter the shield values with card skills, which can enhance your defensive strategy to survive a harder hitting turn from your opponent. However, the pitfall to avoid is that adding in too many defensive cards hinders your offensive strategy. Remember, the goal is to push your opponent to six damage. It can change on the situation, mostly relating to deck out situations. Defending should be a means to an end.

Once you have your deck together, you should look at possible hands just from a defensive perspective. Whenever you play online or in person, try to look at it from more a survival perspective while also saving resources to prepare for your turn to swing back. Practicing defending is one of the most arduous but rewarding parts of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Here, let’s get started with some basic tips.