Dimension Police Premium Spice

Hello boys and girls! Today I will unleash upon you a spicy dish, Premium Dimension Robos. This deck packs all of the Oonga your Boonga will ever need, AND MORE! Even though I may be a pasty white boy, I can tell you that this deck is seasoned well for our current premium format. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This deck revolves around the strength that Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser offers in conjunction with the original Dimensional Robo, Goyusha and our new shiny Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner. The goal of this combo is to ride Daikaiser and use Goyusha to superior ride into Dailiner, powering him up with the breakride skill of +10k, +1 critical, and an ability to retire guardians when you drive check a grade 3 (also called guard break), and Dailiner's own skill of checking the top seven cards of the deck for a grade 3 card to gain +20k and a crit. Adding the Force marker, you're looking at 43k with 4 crit or 53k with 3 crit, depending on your choice of Force I or II. 

Along with the three main pieces of the combo, there are plenty of supplemental pieces that get used in this deck also; Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus is used to give your beefy-boi an additional 10k and drive check, Commander Laurel is used to double the power of your TinCanMan and give him an additional crit, and Glory Maker is used to make sure your PUNCH OF JUSTICE can’t be blocked by Protect markers or grade 1 perfect guards. Of course, there is also the addition of Dimensional Robo, Daibrave and Dimensional Robo, Daidragon, cards which add an additional 5k to your vanguard for a soulblast (a plentiful resource when you resolve your Goyusha).

Then there is the rest of the deck, the triggers and the flex cards. The list benefits from 8 critical triggers, 4 draw PGs, and 4 heal triggers. The criticals and the heals all need to have Dimensional Robo in their name, which thankfully isn’t a problem due to them being printed in Standard. This deck also runs four copies of Dimensional Robo, Daibalest. This card acts as a way for you to draw more cards, or apply some on-hit pressure in the early game. The one last card that is used in the example list is Super Dimensional Robo, Diard. This is ran as a one of as a pseudo-copy of Daikaiser. Because the whole big meme of the deck is riding into Daikaiser, then immediately superior riding into Dailiner, not seeing Daikaiser throws a wrench into our plan. For this reason, we use our one tech slot here.

In all honesty, if you get your ideal combo off, your G-Zone is purely to flex on your opponent. But in the games where we have to go into it, there are a couple of cards I would like to highlight. The first stride you will go into nine times out of ten is Bravest Peak, X-Gallop. This card offers an additional drive check if you hit 40k, which is not hard since you are playing Dimension Police, and a restand if you are at 80k. If you find yourself having to ride into Dailiner as your first grade 3, hitting these thresholds is not too difficult. Having Dailiner’s 13k, X-Gallop's 15k, and a Force 1 marker, you are already at 38k. Adding a +5k from Daibrave or Daidragon or any booster puts you to this extra drive check. Adding in a Laurel to double the power puts you to 76k or 86k if you had a +5k from one of the two previously mentioned cards, which gains you a restand. This is not only your usual first stride, but your second or third strides too. 

While X-Gallop is usually the stride to go into, that doesn't mean that you won’t ever go into the other strides. Legendary Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser Leon offers the same skills that you would get from a Daikaiser breakride as long as you have a Daikaiser heart. Since this card requires GB2, you will not be first striding into this card. Not to mention, if you have access to using Goyusha’s skill to superior ride into Dailiner, that will most likely be the better option as it will reach a larger attacking number. Super Cosmic Hero, X-Tiger is a stride that give you access to an extra critical for no counterblast as long as he is at least 45k. As this card doesn’t apply the same amount of pressure as a restanding X-Gallop, he is not used as often. However, if you are restricted on counterblast, this is the best option by far. If you have several counterblast open, three face-up cards in the G-Zone, and a burning desire to style on your opponent, you can go into Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark. Stark offers the option for you to have 3 attacks with himself, for one drive check each. Not very overwhelming by himself, but with the addition of a Daizaurus or two or a Laurel, Stark can swing for some stupid big number with two or three drive checks and one or two additional crit three times! Spooky huh? Sadly, for this massive amount of spice, you would need four or five face-up damage by your second or third stride, which is not very likely at all.

The last two cards in the G-Zone are some tech options that allow for different, non-vanguard reliant strategies. Progenitor Dragon of Horizon Limit, Origorem reduces the power of all of your opponent's units to 0 for the turn. This allows for a stride that can operate differently from the rest, making your attacks from the rearguards effective as well. Origorem also has the bonus effect of giving you strides that no longer require a discard cost. The last stride in this list is Strongest Command Chief, Final Daimax DX. This card is weird to say the least. It absorbs rearguards, calls new ones based on power, and has the possibility to give your board +10k and a crit. This is the one stride that allows for rearguard multiattacks. If it is your first stride, you can attack with a rearguard, then Daimax, which will absorb the one rearguard and call another, then attack with the two remaining rearguards. The one problem with this unit is that Dimension Police is not known for having good rearguard attacks, at all. Because of this, you can honestly replace this card with just about any other stride. Heck, you can even replace this with Sebreeze if you really want.

The G-Guards in this deck all do the same general kind of thing; get a bit of shield value, then maybe increase your vanguard’s power. Super Cosmic Hero, X-Carivou gains an additional 10k shield and if you want to discard a card you can give your vanguard an additional 4k for the remainder of the turn. Great Galactic Beast, Zeal reduces the attacking unit’s power by 5k for the battle and allows you to counterblast one to give your vanguard 5k power for the rest of the turn as long as you have more damage than your opponent. Gallant Incarnation, G-O-Five gains 10k shield for a soulblast and 5k more if you’ve taken a damage that turn. Oceanic Conversion, Atlantis Dolphin offers a better defensive option when blocking against your opponent's vanguard if you’re already GB1 along with a counter charge and a soul charge. Air Element, Ractome is just a generic discard a card to draw one, a filter option.

Top 8 Asagi VGCS - 3rd Place

The big thing that this deck has going for it is the element of surprise, and because of that, this deck performs best in best of one matches. Most people aren’t going to be aware of a turn three 104k, five crit, three drive check, guard breaking monster with guard restrict. And if your opponent somehow knew about this deck and what it does, and doesn’t push you up to four or five damage early, then you have the leniency to stay on grade 2 and play it slow until you have the damage, ride up into Dailiner and use the effect and pressure for three or four damage, or ride up to grade 3 and stride into X-Gallop and get a restanding vanguard with the works. Another benefit to this deck is that it is fairly simple to get the hang of once you learn the whole combo with Daikaiser. The deck plays like Ezel in that generally the gameplan is the same in every matchup; Ride Daikaiser, superior ride into Dailiner, Oonga Boonga. 

The weakness of this deck is that it can be counterblast restricted fairly easily and doing so is a great way to slow down this deck. The only sources of countercharge in the deck are healing and Atlantis Dolphin. If your opponent pushes you to three damage and ends their turn, you are in a pretty bad spot. This is one damage short of going into the Daikaiser superior ride, which is the main problem, and only allows you to use X-Gallop plus two supplemental pieces, which is not a lot if you’re trying to end the game fast. Another weakness is the reliance on so many pieces for your breakride turn to be optimal. If you don’t have Goyusha and three other Dimensional Robos, Laurel and three other rest targets, a Daizaurus, and four or five open counterblast, you can’t use the Daikaiser combo. Essentially, you need your opponent to play into your hands if you want the sweet spice to resolve.

Against the current meta, being a lot of Neo Nectar and Luard, this deck can fare pretty well if you have Glory Maker. This one card shuts down your opponent's PGs when you’re going for a kill turn. Remember, a PG is no worry if they can’t use it. Both of these decks do great in the early game and have no problem pressuring early damage. Thankfully, we want this early damage. All of it. Against Gold Paladin, just don’t get highrolled. It’s as simple as that. Most decks can’t deal with getting highrolled and this deck is no different. If they highroll while you’re at grade 1, it’s a done deal, feel free to pack up anytime. If you get highrolled while on grade 2 however, eat all the damage and clap back.

This deck is not complex in the slightest. The gameplan is simple and fairly flexible to your boardstate, and the satisfying feeling of pushing your opponent from one or two damage to six in one giant attack is unparalleled. If you are looking for a deck which isn’t necessarily competitive but allows you to cheese your friends at locals, I would highly recommend trying out this deck!

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