Countering the Meta: Royal Paladin Garmore

Hi everyone! Rodney here with my Royal Paladin deck list that I have been using to climb rank this season. With the release of Set 2, Royal Paladin have received a huge boost in power! While the Galahad ride chain is quite powerful, Fang of Light Garmore is the best card for Royal Paladins out of Set 2. Garmore is incredibly powerful due to how versatile the card can be. It can help push and play a very aggro game plan or slow the game down and turtle until you find the right pieces. I have gone through a lot of changes in the deck from combining the Galahad ride chain and mixing the two strategies, but I ultimately cut it and have the deck focus solely around Garmore and Snogal. To be fair, Snogal is the real star of the deck. Let’s take a look at the build I ultimately settled on!

RRR = 9RR = 17

Why Play Garmore?

This deck is extremely versatile and can come up with multiple answers to different situations. Both Grade 2 and 3 Garmore are able to flood the board with copies of Snogal. The more copies of Snogal and Brugal on the board, the more threatening your columns can become. Rule of thumb, never call a Snogal behind your Vanguard as you want to make use of the extra intercept. With the way Zero makes Grade 2s the only form of guarding, every deck only has 12 (Assuming you ride one Grade 2) ways to block attacks. With Garmore on Vanguard, you now have 16-17 blockers instead of the 12. This is huge in terms of value, tempo and out trading your opponent’s resources. The deck also has very specific uses for its counterblast. Blaster Blade’s retire ability and creating additional copies of Brugal are the only uses of it’s counterblast. Both scenarios aid in creating favorable trades and swinging tempo in your direction.

How does it Counter Perfect Raizer?

Though nothing can perfectly “counter” Perfect Raizer except for Sentinels, this deck offers a lot of defenses to help combat Perfect Raizer and create favorable trades. The key aspect in this matchup is to make sure that you are always up in damage. This accomplishes two very important things: 1) allows you to hit your draw triggers to find key pieces and 2) allows you to hit your heal triggers and deny your opponent theirs. Use Snogals and the deck's ability to flood the board to force favorable trades and turtle (set up defenses) against their attacks. By doing this each turn, you increase your odds of winning and eventually outresource your opponent out of Grade 2s.

How does it Counter Tsukuyomi?

Garmore’s versatility and ability to turtle and set up counterpunches is what helps tip this matchup in its favor. Tsukuyomi has a very vulnerable early game and this deck can take advantage of that by flooding the field with powerful columns that can hit over one defensive trigger. In the late game, Tsukuyomi does not have the offense to overcome 16-17 defenders. The only vulnerable position you can be in is being at 5 damage while they have Silent Tom out on the field. Half the battle of this matchup is your opponent actually hitting the ride chain. If they do not, this deck has a very positive win rate against it as it cannot deal with offensive onslaught and the resources to overcome its defenses.

What is Garmore weak against?

Kagero is the deck’s worst matchup and it’s fairly lopsided. Blockade can ignore all the deck’s defenses and they have the ability to retire your Snogals in multiple different ways. Be mindful of how you formulate your columns and turtle until you find openings in your opponent’s plays. Punish any mistakes your opponent makes and look for any openings they might give you. For example if they do not ride Blockade or lack Grade 2 interceptors, use these openings to formulate an attack.


Garmore’s versatility and favorable matchups against 2 of the best decks during this May format, make it my pick for anyone that is trying to climb the ranked ladder this season. Though it is quite costly with 8-9 RRR and 17 RRs, it would be worth every investment and can carry over into a form of MLB in June that utilizes both MLB and Garmore!

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