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Updated: May 30, 2019

Community Growth

How to Build YOUR Community!

Written and edited by:

Quinlan Cantrell, Chad Leiske and China Ross


Cardfight! Vanguard is now, and always has been in an odd spot in America. Bushiroad is HUGE in Japan, especially with marketing and advertising, but not so much in America. That means that the bulk of the effort will come from us, the community. To give some background, I’ve been a shop owner for the last few years and have seen different card games come and go. One thing I can say about Vanguard is that at the very least, it is quite different from other games and other communities.

My store’s locals started at the traditional 3-5 Vanguard players, none of which were motivated to improve. Now, my store is thriving with Vanguard players and became my inspiration to start Vision! This article will serve as your guide of how to build and improve your local Vanguard scene!

Get Involved!

Just like any community, no one is interested in attending or playing in locals if there are little to no players/interactions. A community cannot and will not build itself, so here is a list of ideas to keep in mind while building your community, whether you are a player or a shop owner:

Be WELCOMING to ALL players!

I can NOT stress how important this is. As simple as it sounds, people want to feel welcomed. Whenever an opportunity comes around, strike up a conversation, ask to play a game, or even talk about non-Vanguard related topics! If people feel like they belong, they are more likely to come around more often.

Avoid being salty in defeat.

The more pleasant an environment feels, the more likely people are to continue attending! Be sure to hold back emotions, especially with new players, NO MATTER HOW HARD they may have sacked you. Put on a smile, shake their hand or give them a fist bump and move on. Remember that you guys are in the same building, and if you blow up in anger, or walk away in salt, you are still in the same small building with the person who is feeling the exact OPPOSITE of you! Be encouraging of their victory and don’t take that away from them.

Encourage and create new players!

This is another big one! The bulk of my players are new players, and I am always looking for new players to teach the game to. Carry a spare deck on you (Soul Saver Royals or any TD is a good choice for new players) and teach players at any opportunity!

Make the events new and exciting!

People love anything that makes an event new and interesting. If you aren’t the shop owner, you should really get to know the shop owner. 98% of my ideas for what do with the Vanguard community came FROM my players. The only reason I crafted a local that catered to the community was because the community came to ME.

Make sure you advertise your event on local Facebook pages and Van-guardians!

This applies mainly to shop owners, but I can NOT stress this one enough either. My locals were 3-4 players each, and after posting in my local Facebook pages, we had a tournament with 22 players the following week after a simple post. Now, this obviously won’t work for every shop, but what I can guarantee is that there are players near you. If you are thinking, “I wish there were Vanguard players near me,” you just need to find them!

Finally, always strive to improve your own game.

Not only will this make you a better player, obviously, but eventually, it will inspire the people around you. What is the best reason to attend a local besides seeing your friends? To get better! If you spark inspiration in players around you to get better, then you will see the attendance AND quality of your locals improve.

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