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Budget Builds Only – Nova Grappler Heroes


How've you been Cardfighters? Did you miss me? Deo from Vision here trying my very best to bring you the highest quality and most meta relevant budget content. Or at least, the closest we can get, since those typically don't go hand-in-hand. So for those of you who don't know, Vanguard isn't my first TCG, and while I play a lot of them, I come primarily from a Yu-Gi-Oh background. One of my favorite decks of all time is heroes! So when I found out that my favorite boy in V -series (Miwa) runs them I was pretty hyped, but I didn't see anyone run them, so I thought they weren't good or viable. The Beyblade meme aside, this deck is stronger than it looks.


First and foremost, Accel 2 is busted friends, we all know it. It's the best gift and we are definitely in an Accel meta for a little while moving forward. Plus one and a boost is great, not to mention it's another swing, come on.

Fronts are the best triggers offensively and defensively. I said it. They make two to passes require no decisions, they get better as the game goes on, and they protect your rear guards while nullifying opponent's defensive triggers.

I'd go into Spinning Valiant's finisher, but honestly the entire deck has a lot of strong abilities too, so let’s jump right into the build.


Grade 0s (17):

  1. Tap the Hyper (x1): Our starter, draws one on ride because this is Standard!

  2. Twin Blader (x4): Draws are good, and draw PGs are better -- and we want full boards.

  3. Turboraizer/Cannon Ball/Eight-Language Announcer, Blabber (x4 each): 12 Fronts?! Fronts combined with a huge board and guard restrict are a combo for a win. Since we need 4 CB for Spinning Valiant, reversing damage is bad, especially when we can get damage denied very easily.

Grade 1s (11):

  1. Spin Kid (x3): Our ideal G1 ride. Dealing damage to both players is actually pretty good in this deck, but other than that he doesn't do much else other than boost/hold shield value.

  2. Smash Masher (x4): Not only is he a countercharger, but also a 28K beater on Spinning Valiant turns.

  3. Rocket Hammer Man (x4): The best booster, hitting Force numbers by himself, and the deck doesn't use much soul, so his cost is relatively low.

Grade 2s (10):

  1. Stylish Hustler (x4): We all remember Beast Deities, and this card was good enough for them, so why not here? He swings for big numbers with no effort, easily becoming the best G2 rearguard.

  2. Warrior of Chakram (x4): 15K shield interceptors are great, being 25K with Girly Dolly is nuts, and ironically in a deck that needs to take lots of damage, having the option for huge shield values is nice. Again one of the few cards that uses soul as a resource.

  3. Cup Bowler (x2): G-assisting sucks, so this card makes our ratios a little nicer. For a more offensive player, this might suit you better than Chakram.

Grade 3s (12):

  1. Spinning Valiant (x4): The VR of the deck, his continuous ability is nuts and allows you to play overly aggressive early on. His CB4 guard restrict is powerful, but comes at a heavy cost.

  2. Girly Dolly (x4): Adding 10K shield to all of your Guardians is one of the best skills I've ever seen -- if your opponent swings with an unboosted 13K Vanguard, a single front trigger puts you at 37K, a no pass. She's amazing.

  3. Miss Splendor (x4): 3K to your attacking Heroes is good, and adding more guard restrict is better. Noticing a pattern yet?


Savanna Wild // Removal in Novas?! CB in this deck is scarce, but don't forget you have an amazing counter charger. Not only does he get rid of problem columns or rearguards, if he only sniped one unit, he's base 27k!

Boomerang Thrower // Do you feel like you use one CB early? Maybe you don't kill on your Spinning Valiant turn and want the CB boost, or maybe you use your soul more aggressively than I imagine? Regardless, he's the answer.

Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer Shout // Pretty sure John Tjaden wouldn't forgive me if I didn't include this card. It's amazing, but why isn't it in the mainboard? Well pro: you run 12 Grade 3s, so the odds of you winning the Shout are higher. Con: in this deck it feels like a strong card, but unnecessary, and possibly able to do more harm than good. You have access to draws in this deck thanks to the best gift, Accel 2, and running draw triggers. We care more about hitting offensive triggers than we care about our opponent hitting defensive triggers. We run 12 front, drawing our soul charging them would be counterintuitive.


The deck is incredibly straightforward: take at least 4 damage (ideally 5), play aggressive early and push your opponent to at least 3 but hopefully more. Ride Spinning Valiant as your second Grade 3 and have more attacks than your opponent can guard based on their hand size.

As an example, if they are at 3 damage, you need to deal 3 to kill them. They need a minimum of 9 cards to guard 3/5 of your attacks to live. Assuming they don't have at least 9 cards, if your attacks can swing through 1-2 defensive triggers, you win. Having units like Miss Splendor helps with magic numbers for one defensive trigger and prevents intercepting. Units like Stylish Hustler and Smash Masher make swinging through two defensive triggers possible with a booster or a front.



Going first: Ride Spin Kid, draw, reveal, each player takes a damage and pass turn.

Going second: Ride Spin Kid, draw, reveal, each player take a damage, call 1-2 G1s in separate columns. Swing with Vanguard first and pray for a front, then based on you and your opponent's trigger reveals, attack with the smallest to largest columns.


Going first: Ride any G2 that isn't Stylish Hustler. Assuming you have at least one damage call Hustler to a column with a booster behind him to make a 20k+ column, and make a 3rd column if possible. Swing VG, then RGs based on trigger reveals, remembering that Hustler can swing through one defensive trigger.

Going second: Make the same play, but a column with just a G1 won't hit unless you reveal a trigger. Prioritize retiring rearguards with your smaller columns that won't hit their Vanguard.


Going first: Don't ride Spinning Valiant unless he is online and they are in kill range based on damage and hand size from example above. (Obviously you ride him if he’s your only Grade 3, you have multiple in hand, or you committed early and want to protect your board). Ride one of your other Grade 3s based on what you need, power or shield. Get an Accel 2 marker, fill your columns, and push for damage.

Going second: Same play!

Second G3

Going first/second: Ride Spinning Valiant, get a second Accel 2 marker, fill your columns, and begin the beatdown (and victory).


• Having two Miss Splendors makes hitting magic numbers super easy

• Not having heals feels bad when opponents double Crit

• People will damage deny you but you can win on either of your other G3s

• Protect your rear guards and take damage


To write this article I tested against the newly released Phantasmal clans: Dark Irregulars, Murakumo, Shadow Paladins, and Pale Moon.

The DI matchup was fairly easy because Accel is favored against Protect, and having their own guard restrict against them is pretty tough. Their PGs become a lot less valuable.

Murakumo was the only matchup I lost. So it was honestly fairly easy to push early but Shirayuki plus defensive triggers is really strong.

With Shadow Paladins, honestly just live through a Mordred turn and crack back. Have an extra unit on the board before their G2 so they don't get the twin drive, or at least not without a bigger price.

As for Pale Moon, you need to live through 1-2 Luquier turns. With your shield values, it isn't too hard if you get the right setups. Riding Spinning Valiant makes it much more doable, having one defensive trigger makes everything a one card guard, and the same goes for having Girly Dolly.


This deck is much better than I expected, and it over-performed. Despite the deck only running one set of VRs and RRs, the deck's card quality is actually really high. The cards have amazing synergy and a ridiculous finisher, albeit at a high cost. If you're denied the damage to use that skill, you're playing from ahead! I'd definitely recommend this deck for a locals or shop challenge, or even just a cheap deck to mess around with. It's fun, satisfying to pilot, and deceptively powerful.

Next up is Aqua Force's Blue Wings build, so stay tuned!

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